RecargaPay is the leading mobile payment wallet for personal use and for business in Brazil.[1] It also is the number one app for mobile top-ups. In August 2018, the company reached the mark of 10 million downloads on Android App Store. RecargaPay was the first Brazilian FinTech to achieve that.

RecargaPay users are able to top-up their mobile phones of any telecommunication company in Brazil in addition to being able to refill their transport cards, pay any bills, transfer money, purchase gift cards, and do a lot more without extra fees and without needing a bank account.[4][5]

The company headquarters is located in São Paulo/ SP, but it also has operations in Rio de Janeiro/ RJ, Buenos Aires/ Argentina and Miami/ United States of America.[6][7]


RecargaPay, as it is known nowadays, was incubated by FnBox in November 1, 2010.[8] Fnbox was a holding company that managed various online properties, such as (sold to in 2014),, (sold to Clickon in 2015) and (now RecargaPay).

RecargaPay was created to provide prepaid mobile recharge services through a website and, shortly after launched, also through mobile apps (Android and iPhone).  In 2013 Fnbox started an unbundling process in order to focus exclusively on the prepaid mobile top-ups business. Within this process, was rebranded to RecargaPay in order to diversify its product offerings. According to its CEO, Rodrigo Teijeiro, RecargaPay is “much more than just top-ups. It’s a full payment ecosystem through your mobile.”[7]

RecargaPay was founded by Rodrigo Teijeiro, current CEO; Álvaro Teijeiro, current CTO; and Gustavo Victorica, current COO.[6]

Prepaid Card

In September 2018, RecargaPay launched its first physical product, its Prepaid Card. The card holds Mastercard brand mark, it’s international, and more than 30 million establishments around the world accept it. The card came to strengthen the mission of the company which is democratizing financial services in Brazil since any person can order one without needing to go through a background score check.

RecargaPay Prepaid Card is the only one in Brazil that offers 1% of cashback in all transactions, and it has two versions: physical and virtual. The physical is exclusive for RecargaPay Prime subscribers for R$9,99 per month. The virtual version is totally free and issued right away.

Even though the card is physical, users need to order or refill it through RecargaPay’s App. Cardholders can withdraw money at Lotéricas or Rede Banco24Horas around Brazil.


RecargaPay’s app is available on Android and iOS App Stores for free. Through the app, users can top-up their mobile phones, refill their transport cards, pay bills, purchase gift cards, purchase now and pay later, and transfer money.

In order to make transactions on the app, users can choose between paying with credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay or use RecargaPay’s mobile wallet that doesn’t demand a bank account. Users can also deposit money on RecargaPay’s mobile wallet and use it to pay for transactions on the app.


Mobile top-ups on RecargaPay are free of charges and users can top-up mobile phones from the following telecommunication companies: TIM, Claro, Vivo, Oi, Nextel, and Algar. Through the app, users also can schedule top-ups throughout Recarga Automática or even top-up their phones without an internet connection.

Transport Card Top-ups

On RecargaPay, users can refill the following transport cards: Bilhete Único (São Paulo/ SP), SOU (Diadema, SP), NOSSO (Ribeirão Preto/ SP), and PraTi (Pelotas/ RS). This service is free of fees, and it also can be scheduled through Recarga Automática.

Utility Payments

More than 1.000 bills can be paid on RecargaPay. Users can pay utility bills such as water, electricity, internet, gas, phone bills, and bank slips. There aren’t any extra fees to use this service.

Gift Cards

Android users can purchase Google Play, League of Legends (LoL), Level Up, and Xbox Live Gold credits as well as Xbox gift cards. iOS users can purchase Uber credits. There aren’t any extra fees to use this service.

Postpaid Purchases

Postpaid purchases is a convenience service offered by RecargaPay. It allows users to purchase services at the time being and payback within 15 days.

Money Transferring

Money transferring allow RecargaPay users to transfer money from one RecargaPay account to another one with only the cellphone number of the receiver without any bureaucracy or fees.

RecargaPay Prime

RecargaPay Prime is an exclusive subscription plan of the app. It costs R$9,99 per month. It offers 10% of cashback in all top-ups of the registered phone number on the app, top-ups without an internet connection, top-ups through RecargaPay’s website free of charges, and allows its users to request RecargaPay’s physical and virtual prepaid card with 1% of cashback in all transactions.


RecargaPay offers 5% of cashback in all transactions up to R$20, R$5 of cashback after the first purchase of its services in addition to not charge extra fees to use the app.

Awards and nominations

  • 2018 – Prêmio Época ReclameAQUI – 3º place on the Online Payments category.
  • 2017 – Prêmio Época ReclameAQUI – 3º place on the Online Payments category.
  • 2016 – Prêmio LATAM Founders Awards – Nomination to the Best B2C Company category.
  • 2016 – Prêmio LATAM Founders Awards – Nomination to  the Most Innovative Company category.[9]


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