Lighter Capital

Lighter Capital is a revenue-based financing lender that specializes in providing financial capital to small technology companies.

Founded by Andy Sack,[1] a Seattle-area entrepreneur, Lighter Capital was one of the first lenders to use revenue-based financing to fund tech startups. Lighter Capital typically provides growth capital as royalty-based financing to early-stage tech companies based in the United States.[2][3] It is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Unlike private equity, venture capital and angel investors, Lighter Capital’s revenue-based financing process provides growth capital to tech companies in the form of debt.[4] The company tranches financing across an investment period and looks for general revenue growth.

In 2017, the lender partnered with Intuit to launch a $15 million fund for developers who design apps for QuickBooks.[5]

Since 2010, Lighter Capital has backed more than 270 startup companies with more than 450 rounds of financing, totaling more than $125 million.[6]

In June 2019 Lighter Capital announced new financial product for growing startups. To date, Lighter Capital has provided over $150 million in more than 500 rounds of financing to over 300 startups.[7]


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