ID Finance

ID Finance is a financial technology company founded in 2012 by Boris Batine and Alexander Dunaev.[3][4] It is predominantly focused on emerging markets, which are characterized by noncompetitive financial services, limited availability of credit and high barriers to entry.[5][6]


ID Finance’s proprietary IT and risk management system collects and analyses thousands of data points in order to process loan applications in real time over the internet.[7][8]


ID Finance is headquartered in Barcelona and employs 380 staff. It is providing loans to under the MoneyMan and Plazo brands in Spain, Mexico and Brazil. In October 2019 the company reported that it has 3 million users, with over 40,000 new users joining each week.

It was formally split from its operations Russia, the CIS region and Eastern Europe (which became IDF Eurasia) in 2018.


The company has raised €60m since 2015 including €5.8m of equity and €54m through debt.


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