European Association of Co-operative Banks

The European Association of Co-operative Banks (EACB)[1] (GEBC in French), is the leading trade association for the co-operative banking sector with 28 member institutions and co-operative banks located in 23 countries worldwide. As the representative of the world’s largest cooperative banking cluster, the EACB is the voice of 2.914 small, regional and large member banks at European and international levels.

As an international non-profit Association based in Brussels, the EACB is recognised as a key interlocutor for cooperative banks by the regulators and supervisors at EU and International levels. The EACB works together with more than 200 experts from its member organisations. The association represents, promotes and defends the values of the co-operative banking model in Europe and on the global stage.

The EACB has the largest and most comprehensive policy resources for co-operative banks worldwide. These resources as well as important data on the co-operative banking sector are freely available on the EACB website.[2]

Co-operative Banks at a Glance[3]

Co-operative banks serve 209 million customers

Co-operative banks are mutual and private banks, owned by their 81 million members

Co-operative banks share common values and foster local growth and entrepreneurship through their 2.914 regional and local banks, 59.000 branches

Co-operative banks employ 719,000 individuals nationally

Co-operative banks manage more than €7,2 trillion in banking assets

Co-operative banks safeguard €3,7 trillion in deposits

Co-operative banks extend more than €4,1 trillion in loans


Following an initiative launched by Mr. Johannes TEICHERT, a first meeting with representatives of the European Commission was held in December 1969 with the aim to create a representative body for credit co-operatives of the 6 EU-member states. Hence the Association of Co-operative Savings and Credit Institutions of the E.E.C. was officially created on October 1, 1970. The first statutes of the Association were signed at the end of 1971 by the following founding members:

  • Caisse Centrale des Associations Agricole Luxembourgeoises
  • Centrale Raiffeisenkas, Leuven Belgium
  • Confédération Nationale du Crédit Mutuel, Paris
  • Coöperatieve Centrale Boerenleenbank, Eindhoven
  • Coöperatieve Centrale Raiffeisen-Bank, Utrecht
  • Deutsche Genossenschaftskasse, Frankfurt
  • Deutscher Raiffeisenverband, Bonn
  • Ente Nazionale delle Casse Rurale Agrari ed Ente Ausiliari, Rome
  • Fédération Centrale du Crédit Agricole Mutuel, Paris
  • Fédération Nationale du Crédit Agricole, Paris
  • Federazione Italiana dei Consorzi Agrari, Rome
  • Union du Crédit Coopératif, Paris


The EACB is a European non-profit association, located and registered in Belgium. It is headed by a President and regulated by the Board and the Executive Committee. The General Manager, Mr. Hervé Guider[4] leads the Secretariat based in Brussels.

The EACB supports the code of conduct on lobbying of the European Commission and is registered in the EU transparency register book[5] (Transparency Book Register 4172526951-19).

The President is elected for 2 years with a mandate, which may be renewed once. He chairs the Board and the Executive Committee. The Board meets 3 to 4 times a year and defines the general policy. The Executive Committee is composed of 39 appointed Members,[6] who endorse recommendations put forward by the Working Groups members.[7] They meet three times a year. The activities of the EACB are articulated around Working Groups and Taskforces,[8] covering topics from banking legislation to customer policy, CSR and Social Affairs.

Overview of the Presidents of the EACB

1970 – 1977 : President Van Campen, Centrale Coöperatieve Boerenleenbank

1977 – 1981 : President Braun, Crédit Mutuel

1982 – 1986 : President Lardinois, Rabobank Nederland

1986 – 1989 : President Schramm, BVR, Germany

1989 – 1995 : President Barsalou, Crédit Agricole, Paris

1995 – 1999 : President Grüger, BVR Germany

1999 – 2002 : President Meijer, Rabobank Nederland

2002 – 2006 : President Pflimlin, Crédit Mutuel Paris

2006 – 2008 : President Pleister, BVR, Germany

2008 – 2012 : President Moerland,[9] Rabobank Nederland

2012 – 2016 : President Talgorn,[10] Crédit Agricole S.A.

Since 2016 : President Hofmann[11], BVR Germany

Overview of the Secretaries General[12]

1970 – 1982 : Johannes Teichert

1982 – 1996 : Guido Ravoet

1996 – 2001 : Johann-G. von Süsskind

Since 2001 : Hervé Guider

Members of the EACB

Full members[13]

Country Members
Austria Fachverband der Raiffeisenbanken

Österreichischer Genossenschaftsverband (schulze-Delitzsch)

Bulgaria Central Cooperative Bank
Cyprus Cooperative Central Bank Ltd.
Finland OP Cooperative Financial Group
France Confédération Nationale du Crédit Mutuel

Fédération Nationale du Crédit Agricole


Germany Bundesverband der Deutschen Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken – BVR


Greece Association of Co-operative Banks of Greece
Hungary National Federation of Savings Co-operatives
Italy Federazione Italiana delle Banche di Credito Co-operativo- Casse Rurali ed Artigiane
Luxembourg Banque Raiffeisen Luxembourg
The Netherlands Rabobank Nederland
Poland Krajowy Zwiazek Bankow Spoldzielczych – KZBS
Portugal FENACAM– Federação Nacional das Caixas de Crédito Agricola Mútuo, F.C.R.L.
Romania Central Co-operatist Bank Creditco-op
Slovenia Deželna banka Slovenije d.d.
Spain Unión Nacional de Cooperativas de Crédito

Banco de Crédito Cooperativo (BCC)

Associate Members[14]

Country Members
Belgium CERA
Canada Desjardins Group
Denmark Nykredit
Japan Norinchukin Bank
Lithuania Lithuanian Central Credit Union
Switzerland Raiffeisen Switzerland
United Kingdom Building Societies Association

Relationship with other European Banking Industry and Co-operatives Representatives

As the voice of co-operative banks, the EACB maintains close relations with other bodies that regroup certain co-operative banks with the purpose of enhancing business co-operation, such as the Conféderation Internationale des Banques Populaires (CIBP). In addition the EACB is a member of Co-operatives Europe , the umbrella body gathering European and national co-operative organisations and the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA). The EACB is a founding member of the European Payments Council (EPC), the European Banking Industry Committee (EBIC) and the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG).


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