Dollar Financial Group

Dollar Financial Group Global Corporation (DFG) DBA Money Mart Financial Services, Money Mart Financial Services is a US-based financial services group with over 700 locations in Canada and the United States.[1] It focuses on low-income or bad-credit consumers, providing short term loans (payday loans), pawnbroking and gold buying services.[1]

DFG’s brands include Money Mart (Canada and U.S.), The Check Cashing Store (Florida, U.S.), and Insta-Cheques.[2] In 2009 DFG was the largest provider of payday loans in the United Kingdom, with around a quarter of the market.[3] In February 2011 DFG additionally acquired the largest British internet payday lender, Month End Money (MEM) (including the brand PaydayUK) for $195m,[4] and suggested The Money Shop’s network could grow from around 350 shops to around 1200.[5] As of September 2018 the UK operations no longer offered paydays loans in-store or online[6].

The company was previously known as “Monetary Management Corporation”, changing its name in 1990.[2]


Regulatory action

In 2013, the United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued a consent order against a subsidiary for making false statements about auto loans to soldiers and veterans. The company was required to refund $3.3 million to service members.[7] In June 2015, a year after its acquisition by Lone Star Funds, the company announced that it would wind down the program and cease taking on new customers.[8]

In October 2015, the UK Financial Conduct Authority ordered an affiliate to refund £15.4 million to 147,000 customers[9] after finding that the company was lending more to borrowers than they could afford to repay.[10]


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