2014 Sammarinese referendum (Ofer Abarbanel online library)

Two referendums took place in San Marino on 25 May 2014. Voters were asked whether they approved of repealing laws on pensions reform and on medical practice,[1] both of which were passed on 29 October 2013.[1] Voters approved both proposals.


Prior to the referendums, the quorum required for a proposal to be approved was reduced from 32% to 25%, meaning that 8,398 voters had to vote in favour for the proposals to be approved.[2]


The ruling Sammarinese Christian Democratic Party–Party of Socialists and Democrats–Popular Alliance coalition campaigned against the proposals.[3] The Socialist Party supported repealing the medical practice law.[4] The Union for the Republic also supported the repeal of the medical practice law, but opposed repealing the pensions law.[5]


Repealing the pensions reform law

Choice Votes %
For 11,026 79.48
Against 2,847 20.52
Invalid/blank votes 284
Total 14,157 100
Registered voters/turnout 33,591 42.15
Source: Referendum.sm

Medical practice

Choice Votes %
For 10,881 78.04
Against 3,061 21.96
Invalid/blank votes 215
Total 14,157 100
Registered voters/turnout 33,591 42.15
Source: Referendum.sm


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